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kickboxing Round Rock TXFrom: Coach Mike Massie
Fighting Fit Round Rock Kickboxing
Wells Branch, TX
Dear Frustrated Fitness Enthusiast,

  • Do you wonder why you never seem to get any lasting results from your workouts?
  • Have you noticed how all the people at the gym are doing the same boring workouts and getting the same miniscule results?
  • Are you ready to finally GET REAL RESULTS?

- Then You Have Come to the Right Place -

Why? Because with our kick-boxing classes for adults are specially designed so you’ll get in shape fast! The mix of toning, cardio, and interval training will get you the fitness results you’ve always wanted. In fact, it’s so effective, you’ll start seeing results after just a few classes!

Here’s How Our Kick Boxing Workouts Get Results So Quickly:

  • Kick Boxing burns up to 800 calories an hour – so, you’ll lose weight fast through our mix of cardio and interval training…
  • Our Kick Boxing workouts include bag work and body-weight conditioning – You’ll get stronger and more toned with our body-weight strength training…
  • Plus, Kick Boxing is a great workout for your thighs and abs – And with our special end-of-class “thighs and abs” sessions, you’ll be firming all those “problem areas”!

Lose Weight Fast With Our Kickboxing Classes in Round Rock TX

Kickboxing instructor Round Rock TXMy name is Coach Mike Massie – I am a Certified Personal Trainer, a martial arts and kickboxing instructor, and the owner of Fighting Fit Boot Camp and Kickboxing in Round Rock, TX.

I’ve literally helped hundreds of my students lose weight, get toned, and improve their sports performance through the Fighting Fit Kickboxing program and I can help you too.

Let us transform you into one of our success stories – you’ll be glad you did!

“So What’s the Deal With Cardio Kickboxing… Isn’t It Just Like Taebo™?”

In fact, it’s not! Our kick boxing class uses the same workouts and training methods that professional boxers and kickboxers have used for decades to stay in peak fighting shape.

Round Rock kickboxing classesRather than doing step aerobics with a few lame kicks and jabs thrown in, we take you through a real fighter’s workout (minus the bumps and bruises, of course!)

Believe me, there’s no better way to get in shape fast… but you’ll have to experience it for yourself to see what it will do for your body.

What Will Our Cardio Kickbox Program Do For You?

  • Due to our unique approach and expertly designed workouts, you’ll realize results in a much shorter period of time than with more traditional fitness training methods…
  • Our Fitness Kickbox program uses sound principles of fitness science combined with the time-tested wisdom of ancient martial arts – So you know you’re getting a safe, effective workout…
  • Our certified personal trainers will provide accountability and motivation to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals
  • Our classes always stimulate and challenge to eliminate boredom and frustating plateaus
  • And, we offer convenient class times and the benefit of learning from an instructor with over 30 years experience…

But, It’s Probably Best to Let Our Students Tell You Firsthand…

Here’s just a small sample of the feedback we hear everyday from satisfied kickboxing students:


I have been attending the adult fitness kickboxing class and this is the best fitness exercising class I have done. I run 4 days a week and have tried Tae-bo , Krav Maga and others but (this) class is the best. I leave the class feeling as though I have truely accomplished something. The 45 min class flies by. Not only do I feel I have worked hard but I also have learned how to throw a true punch. It is not just a good work-out but fun…

Charlie K.
Pflugerville Tx



“For the past eleven months, I have been taking Kickboxing three days a week… In the beginning, I could barely make it through a class… I find that I have energy now and that… working the bags is a wonderful way to reduce stress and release aggression. Over-all, I feel better physically and mentally, and I feel that kickboxing has established a permanent place in my life.”

- Noel N.
Georgetown, TX

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